Sunday, May 1, 2016

School Study Tips

School Study Tips! Everyone has different studying techniques but these are just over all tips to make studying a bit easier and not as boring! I hope you enjoy this post and become a little more motivated to get on top of all your work!

1: Have a clean and quite place to study. Distractions are the worst! If your desk is clean and you're not in a loud noisy place you're much more likely to complete your work.
2: Make a study time table!! Don't try and cram everything in the night before a test or the night before something is due!! Once you get an assignment or you become aware of a test that is coming up write it down somewhere on your desk so you can look at. If you want to be super organised make a timetable of what you will study and when you will study it so your time is spent well. 
3: Take breaks! You can't push yourself to hard! Breaks are necessary. If you choose to study for 2 hours one night take a 5/10 minute brake every 30 minutes. 
4: Get rid of distractions! Phones, laptops, TVs any of it. Get rid of it!! Ok if you're playing some music which can help people study you can have these things around but put you're phone on silent! You don't need 'Friends' playing on your Tv as background noise and you don't need to refresh your Facebook feed every 3 minutes! 
5: Reward yourself! After a 2 hour study session take some time for yourself! Have a bath or watch an episode of American Horror Story on Netflix. Do something you like doing!

Studying doesn't need to be the end of the world. Make it fun have some cool note pads or some cool sticky notes you can use. Always remember that studying helps in the long run!! Don't just skip straight to the breaks and reward yourself, though these steps are completely necessary so is actually studying!! Have fun and enjoy whatever it is your studying at school, college or university! Wherever you are in life a little study session never hurts!! Another quick tip is to keep a note book or a cheek list so you can see all the things you have done. Sometimes we are overwhelmed and don't think we are getting anything done, if you can see you are doing work you are more likely to stay on track and continue with what you should be doing! 
Now go and study!! Get that A on your next Science test! Get that job you always wanted!! Live your life! 

What are your study tips? 
What are you working towards?
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