Wednesday, May 4, 2016

L'oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

Straight off the bat I had mix emotions about this foundation. I have read many reviews, some thought it was fantastic and some people thought it was a real let down. The first time I tried it I absolutely hated it! Then like every product I buy I gave it a few more goes and tried some different techniques!

I found this foundation at Chemist Warehouse for $25 which is quite pricy for a drugstore foundation! I do know you can get it a bit cheaper when it's on sale, I would recommend waiting for a sale if you are wanting to purchase this product! I bought the shade Porcelain for my nice pale skin haha :)

The first time I used the little sponge it came with and applied it directly to my face, without a base (horrible mistake!) It clung to my dry patches almost instantly! I don't have an extremely dry face at all. My skin is actually pretty normal, though my nose was lacking some moisture this day and instantly it got flaky and patchy! I did wear it for the day though to see how it would hold up! It slid around a lot, transferred really easily and was basically a mess! It settled into all my expression lines and was very patchy within the first few hours! It wasn't looking very good for this foundation!

I tried it again this time using a beauty blender and priming my face! It applied much more easily and look pretty decent! I was impressed! I could apply other makeup over the top (e.g blush) and the foundation would not instantly slide off like it did the first time I tried it! My makeup was fully applied and my skin looked great! This is an extremely dewy foundation so if you prefer matte this definitely isn't for you. I used a little bit of powder because I thought it was a bit shiny but nothing out of control. My skin look flawless from a distance! I have some pimples around my chin and on my forehead, it covered them pretty well! I wouldn't say this is a full coverage foundation though it is definitely a medium!

 Now all that was left was to see how it wore throughout the day! The lasting power is okay! Not the greatest, if you are looking for a foundation that you can wear all day then all night this isn't for you! If you have extremely oily skin this may not be for you either as my skin got rather oily by the end of the day, which isn't a common thing. It lasted a solid 4 to 5 hours before it started sinking into my expression lines and started becoming blotchy and in some places just wiped off completely! Other than that it was alright. Then a few hours later I got really oily and the foundation was becoming flaky and sinking in around my nose! It wasn't pretty! This does happen to me a lot though!

Overall I think this foundation is okay! Will I repurchase... I'm not 100% sure right now I'll have to try it out some more. I will definitely finish the product just not sure if its worth repurchasing as there are so many good cheap foundations on the market! If you are looking for a foundation that you're only going to wear on say special occasions or for a night out this may be for you! I don't hate the product but there are certainly better alternatives! The packaging is very intriguing though! If you're a makeup lover and just want to try something new then I say go for it! It may work wonders for you! (Highly suggest a primer though!!)

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?
Any other foundations that you would like a review on?
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