Sunday, September 4, 2016

Things I want to do in September!

Lately I have really enjoyed setting a few goals that I can try to achieve each month! Nothing to outrageous just a few nice and easy goals, I like having a few specific things to focus on each month. These are the this I wish to complete in September.

1: Get a job! I have been trying so hard to get a job recently! 
I have recently applied to heaps of jobs! I am really hoping I get one as I need to start saving money! I have so many thing I want to purchase. I also have so many things I need to save for. I really hope I can get one of the jobs I have applied for.

2: Learn to drive!
I recently got my Learners license and this month I really need to get out in the car and start learning how to drive! In 6 months I really hope I can pass my driving test!

3: Experiment with makeup more often! 
Lately I have been sticking to the same makeup routine! I don't wear heaps of makeup. However, I would love to start experimenting with more products. I also want to try some more adventurous looks just for fun!

4: Read the books I have bought, but have yet to read!
I have a stack of books that I am yet to read! I have been looking at them for ages. I really want to read them, I've just never gotten around to it. This month I am definitely going to pick them up and read them!

5: Focus on my Instagram feed! 
I really want to start posting more Instagram pictures! I usually only post makeup pictures when I am advertising my blog post! However, I would love to take some time and take pictures that are mainly for my Instagram!

Have you made any goals this month?
Did you achieve the goals you set last month?
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