Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My first interview!

Today I went to my first interview. For a few months I have been applying to every job I have seen, I got a call on Tuesday afternoon asking if I was still interested in the job and if I wanted to attend a group interview. Of course I said yes as I was yet to hear back from any other jobs I had applied too.

I was very nervous going to this interview. I made sure I had everything I needed (like my resume ect) the night before. I also planned out my outfit the night before so I wasn't stressing about it when it came to actually getting ready for the interview. I decided to wear a plain grey dress that went down to my knees. Nothing over the top but also not super casual.

I had no idea what to expect, I didn't know how many people were going to be there or how many interviewers there were. I didn't even know about the place this interview was being held at! However, once I was waiting to be called into the interview all of my nerves went away. I sat next to this really nice lady, we had a chat about my schooling and the jobs she had recently worked in. Everything seemed good, she also reassured me that everything was going to be okay.

Once everyone was called into the interview room there was a few tables set up and we all took a seat. There was only 5 of us so it was a very small friendly group. Firstly we did an exercise where we had to get to know another person and introduce them to the rest of the group. After that we had to sell a product to the interviewer. We did this in groups and I was in a group of three. We sold a pair of sneakers to the interviewer and it was a great activity to see where everyones skills were.

After these activities we sat back down and asked a few questions about the job, the uniform and the overall expectations of the workplace. The interviewer then gave all of us some more information about what this job would entail!

We were all called back for the second stage which was held right after the group interview. The second stage was individual interviews. I went in fourth, everyone that went before said they got the job and they were very happy. When I went in for my individual interview I was slightly scared about the questions I would have to answer. Though after the interviewer and myself got talking it was very calm and easy. I was asked about my experience and why I would be a good candidate for this job. I was asked when I would be able to work and what I would be able to bring to this team of people.

The interviewer then told me I had the job! There is an induction tomorrow that I will attend then I will be all set to start working! How exciting!!

I am so happy and all my nerves have turned into excitement. I am excited about all the things I will learn and the experience I will get from having this job. If you are wondering what the job is I am now a casual sales assistant at a shoe company. I think this will be a lovely job for my first job. I can't wait to start.

Have you got a job?
Where do you work?
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