Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Models Prefer Run Down!

I received this lovely set of makeup from one of my friends so I decided to do a run down on the brand as I have never really experimented with their makeup before. Here are my thoughts on a few of their products!

Firstly my favourite product is the Instant glow face and body bronzer! The bronzer and highlight shade in this little palette is so amazing! The bronzer is such a nice shade for my skin tone though can be built up if you have a darker complexion! The highlight is so stunning! It's not to over the top, though it is still there and lasts nicely throughout the day! The blush is very pigmented so you need to use a light hand when applying this! However, if you love blush I am sure you will love this one it is a lovely shade and looks gorgeous on!

Now to my least favourite product! The Mineral Bronzer! This is a mess, it goes everywhere and is way to dark for my skin. I am sure if you had a darker skin tone this would suit you nicely. However, I don't think it is worth the struggle with the packaging!

Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter, Mineral Bronzer
Next up is the lip products that came in this set! First up the lipstick in Nude! This is a very nice lipstick it is moisturizing however the colour doesn't suit me and it is not very pigmented! Then there is a lipliner in the shade Natural, this is my favourite of the lip products! It is a lovely shade and applies so nicely! I am not much of a lipliner type of person. However, this is so lovely. It can be worn by itself all over the lips or just as a lipliner. I highly suggest trying these out. Lastly there is a lip tint chubby stick in the colour Honey Buzz. This is very moisturizing and adds a nice tint to the lips. I also recommend checking these out if you get the chance.

Lipstick: Nude, Lipliner: Natural, Lip Tint: Honey Buzz
Lastly there is eye products! This set comes with a mascara, a pencil eyeliner and a gel eyeliner! The mascara isn't that great, though it isn't horrible! The pencil eyeliner is amazing! I love this pencil more than most of the other eyeliners I have. I will be repurchasing this when it runs out, anyone should try this out if they get the chance! The gel eyeliner wasn't for me as I am no good at applying gel liner! This is also very wet and smudges really easily.

Gel Eyeliner, Pencil Eyeliner
Lastly there are 2 other products i sadly forgot to photograph! There is a nail polish, I got the shade London. I love this nail polish, it lasted a significant amount of time a applied nicely. I will be purchasing more shades in the nail polish range!
I also received a clear eyebrow gel. This sets the eyebrows nicely and makes sure they stay in place all day. 

If you are going to buy something from this brand I suggest trying the face and body bronzer palette, the lipliner, eyeliner or nail polish!

Have you tried this brand? 
What is another brand you would like me to try out? 
*Sorry about the bad photos! 
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