Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Goals!

I have recently set a few goals for August! These are the goals I have set and hope to achieve. Most of these are goals for my blog! However there are a few random goals throughout this post!

1: Practice my photography! I really want to take better photos! I feel like photos are the most important thing in blog posts, because images are the thing that draws people into reading and viewing your blog post!

2: Pre write a few back up posts! Lately I have been writing my blogs a day before I upload them! I like doing this however some times I get busy and would like to have a few posts saved up to post if I am unable to write one!

3: Put more effort into editing my posts! I need to re read my post before I publish them! I have gone through some of my old posts and cringed so hard because of all the spelling mistakes and words that don't make sense in the sentence!

4: Read more blogs and connect with more bloggers! I already read quite a few blogs. I would however like to make deeper friendships and connections with a few of the bloggers I have started talking to!

5: I really want to try out a real techniques brush! I have decided that this month I will buy one and try it out!

Those are the goals I am going to try and complete this month! I know my photography isn't going to improve straight away. Though I will keep trying to improve and learn more techniques and tips!

Life Update!
The Sunday that just went was my birthday! I had a great day, my grandparents and cousins came up to visit. I took my little cousins to the water park after waking up and opening a few presents from my parents and family! I got the lovely pandora bracelet you can see above!

Do you have any goals this month?
What has been happening in your life recently?

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