Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Beechworth Honey Skin Care Range!

It was recently my birthday! My parents bought me some of the Beechworth Honey skin care, I thought I may as well do a review of the products I now own! I first saw these in Woolworths and really wanted to try them out, though never got around to actually purchasing them! I have been to Beechworth, which is in Victoria, Australia. They make really delicious honey (the only honey I eat!) When I saw the skin care I knew I had to try it!!

I have the Mountain Honey and Lavender Hand and Body Lotion!
The Bush Honey and Macadamia Gentle Scrub!
The Bush Honey and Macadamia Moisturiser!

The Hand and Body Lotion would have to be my least favourite out of all of these products! However I still really like it! The scent is amazing! I would love to try some of the other products in this scent range! I don't use this as a hand lotion much, more so as a body lotion

I was slightly confused when using the gentle scrub - I didn't know if it was for the face or the body! First I tried it on my arm to see how harsh the scrub was, it wasn't too bad, so I used it on my face! Now I use this as a face scrub once a week! If you have really sensitive skin this may not be for you, as you may find it a bit harsh. However, it is a lovely product and everyone should try it out if you get the chance!

The bush honey and macadamia moisturiser is my favourite of these three products! It is so moisturising and leaves the skin so nice and smooth! The scent of this and the scrub are the same and I love it!

Overall I think this is a lovely range and you should definitely try some of the products out if you get the chance! I looked up the other ranges the offer and I would be very interested in trying the Meadow Honey and Grapefruit range!

Have you heard about this skin care range?
Have you tried any of these products? 
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