Sunday, April 16, 2017

Drugstore Pressed Powders!


I started trying out coloured pressed powders after I had heard so many amazing reviews about the Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder. This product is $13AUD from Priceline. I quickly got my hands on the lightest shade which is Light Beige, the colour was a perfect match and the powder had an amazing coverage. I loved the way it looked. I used this product for about a month, I even hit pan!! However, I knew this pressed powder was causing breakouts on my skin as it was the only new item I had added into my routine. I had to get rid of this product, even though it was amazing and made my skin look lovely it was causing breakouts. I then went on a hunt for a new perfect pressed powder! 

I picked up three new pressed powders hoping one of them was going to be my new favourite. I purchased the Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder in the shade 01 Light Medium for $15AUD. I also got the L'oreal Nude Magique BB Powder in the shade light for $22AUD. Lastly I picked up the L'oreal Infalible Powder Foundation in the shade Warm Vanilla (the lightest shade) for $25AUD.  


Maybelline Fit Me (01 Light Medium ) $15 
This is what I would expect out of any normal pressed powder, it was not amazing and it also didn't let me down. It was just very blah. I could take it or leave it. This is a very light powder that still provided me with a little extra coverage over my foundation. I was not overly impressed by this. However, this product did not make me break out so I still continue to use it when I want to switch up the products that I am using. I enjoy using this to set other people makeup, especially if they don't have any large problem areas that need extra coverage. I would recommend this product to those of you that are looking for something to hold you foundation in place but not add a lot of extra coverage on top. This powder is very light and doesn't feel heavy or give a cakey look to the face. 

L'oreal Nude Magique BB Powder (light) $22
This powder has an extremely light coverage, it is a BB powder so that was expected. This has a lovely lightening affect under the eyes. I use this product on a daily basis to set the concealer under my eyes. I do not use this all over my face as it doesn't have the amount of coverage I was looking for in a pressed powder. This product is a step above a translucent setting powder. If you are wanting to slowly transition into a more full coverage powder this would be a good step to take. If you have flawless skin and don't need the extra coverage I am sure this product would work wonders for you. It is very light weight and leaves the skin feeling soft and luminous. I don't think this product is for the oily skinned people out there. This tends to get a bit shiny throughout the day and oily skin would only make it look worse. 

L'oreal Infalible Powder Foundation (warm vanilla) $25 
If you haven't guessed by now, this is my new favourite pressed powder!! I love the coverage this powder has. It is classified as a powder foundation, so you could use this alone or over the top of a liquid foundation if you want extra coverage. I tend to use this over my foundation in areas where i need extra coverage. On days where I am very lazy but still feel like wearing a little bit of makeup I can use this product alone and it still looks good. The only really disappointing thing about this product is the shade range! All of the colours are very similar in my opinion and even though I got the lightest shade it is slightly darker then I would ideally like it to be. I think this powder would work for any skin type as I have days where I am really dry and other days where I am really oily and it works the same either way. This has a slightly more matte finish, though it is not completely matte which I like. This powder lasts a fairly long time and builds nicely if you want to reapply it throughout the day. 


L'OREAL INFALIBLE!!! Enough said! I think if anyone of you have had a problem with a pressed powder breaking you out you should give this one a go. My skin is very acne prone and this did not cause any breakouts. I am very impressed with the coverage and how long the product lasts. It is overall just an amazing face powder. The products sets any liquid foundation in place and adds extra coverage without making the skin look to heavy or cakey. It also has a very light weight feel thats makes this product so easy to wear and enjoy. 

I do enjoy the other two products mentioned in this post as well. However, they did not beat the L'oreal Infalible Pressed Powder. The BB Powder is very light and amazing for setting around the eyes. I definitely keep this on my makeup table and use it frequently. I will continue to use the Fit Me Powder. However, it is not my favourite but it is not horrible. I will use the rest of the Fit Me powder before I purchase a new pressed powder. 

I am so happy that I found a pressed powder that I love and that works with my skin. I will continue to repurchase this after I have used up all the other powders I purchased. If you are looking for a new powder to try out I can not recommend the L'oreal Infalible Powder Foundation enough! 

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