Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Routine!

On Sundays I really like to treat my skin and use face masks and extra moisturizers! I think it is very important to treat your skin and pay some extra attention to it sometimes! I designate this to Sunday! Every other day of the week I use face wash and moisturizer that is it! I do not do this ever Sunday as sometimes I just can not be bothered! However, when I am in the mood to have a play with face masks and scrubs I pull out this routine!

I start by taking off my makeup with a Swisspers face wipe! This is very easy and just helps to refresh my skin before I get into the shower and start scrubbing at it! In the shower I use my everyday face wash which is the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser! I then go in with a face scrub. Currently I am using the Beechworth Gentle Scrub. 

When I am finished in the shower I apply this Jojoba and Kaolin Face Mask. I like laying down and just listening to music while this drys and does all the amazing things to my skin! I can not rave about this face mask enough!! I take this off after around 15 minutes. I use a flannel and warm water to remove the mask. This mask really leaves the skin feeling so amazing!

After I have taken off the face mask I apply a Biore pore strip to my nose. I know everyone has different opinions on these. I really enjoy using these and they have not damaged my skin or caused any irritation! I leave this on until it is dry, I then peel this off slowly and wash the residue off with water.

Lastly I apply a very generous layer of moisturizer! I use a different moisturizer to my everyday one. I feel like this Aveeno moisturizer is a bit thicker and is lovely to sleep in as it gives time for the product to sink in and really soften the skin!

That is it! My Sunday routine! I really enjoy this as I find it very relaxing and I have seen an improvement in my skin since I started doing this!! Do you have a more elaborate face routine for a certain day of the week?

What is your favourite face mask?
How often do you use a face scrub?

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