Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Foundation Run Down!

Foundation is such a personal item! It has to match your skin colour and skin texture. Finding what works for you is very hard and takes a lot of time and many trials and errors! Here is everything I went through to find a foundation that works for me!

These are currently some of the foundations I have in my makeup draws! I most certainly do not need to keep all of these as some of these are massive fails in my books! Some of these foundations are to dark or to pink. Some of these are just not the texture I enjoy in a foundation. I have tried all of these out and many more trying to find the perfect foundation for me!

The Rimmel Match Perfection is probably the oldest foundation out of all of these. This foundation is the complete wrong shade for me! It is way to pink and light for my skin tone! I wore this once and wanted to scratch my foundation! I am actually going to get rid of this right now as it is completely useless to me!

The Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation is to dark for me. I still like to keep this as one day I am hoping to be brave enough to fake tan and this would come in handy in that situation. From the very fews day I have worn this foundation I have really enjoyed the texture and the overall foundation!

The L'oreal Nude Magique foundation is a great colour for me however I really disliked this foundation. I did a review on this when it came out, if you would like to know more about how I feel about this foundation go and give that post a read! I have continued to use this and am still trying to get it to work for me!

The Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation! This was the first step in the right direction for me!! This foundation is my colour and was the first foundation I felt match my skin colour perfectly! I don't use this as much any more as I have found a better colour match and a better textured foundation for my skin type!

The Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. This is an amazing foundation! I can not recommend this enough! It is absolutely stunning! If you can find a shade that works for your skin I highly suggest getting your hands on this! This is the lightest shade and is still slightly dark for me. However, I like this foundation a bit to much to care!!

The Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation is my most recent foundation purchase. This matches my skin very well and I like how this wears. I hate the smell of this foundation! I still use it on the odd occasion when I am looking for something different to use! It is amazing if you can get past the smell!

Lastly the L'oreal True Match Foundation! This is it!! This is my foundation! The colour is perfect the coverage is perfect! Everything about this foundation is perfect to me! After hearing so many people rave about it I needed to give it a go! It was a bit on the pricy side especially for a drugstore foundation! However, it was totally worth it for me and I will be repurchasing it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know finding your perfect foundation is not easy and if you are not there yet you will be soon I promise! If you got your perfect foundation first go I am very impressed and I wish I was in your shoes!! I plan on trying out some other foundations and I hope to finally get my hands on the Nars Sheer Glow foundation this Christmas! (Maybe even before Christmas!)

What is your favourite foundation?
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