Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Perfume Collection!

My perfume collection mainly consists of celebrity perfumes! I love perfume, scent is something that reminds me of good times! Whenever I go on a cool holiday or i'm doing something really exciting I like to wear a different perfume! So that whenever I smell that specific perfume against it will remind me of that time! Here are the perfumes I own!

1. Katy Perry, Purr 
2. Vera Wang, Princess 
3. Lady Gaga, Fame 
4. Britney Spears, Midnight Fantasy 
5. Katy perry, Royal Revolution
6. Taylor Swift, Wonderstruck (roller ball) 
7. Taylor Swift, Wonderstruck enchanted (roller ball) 

Firstly I love every Katy Perry perfume I have ever smelt! I currently have 2, though I am considering buying a few more!! Purr the one in the giant purple cat bottle has a lovely, sweet, floral, vanilla scent!! This reminds me of winter in Victoria because I use to wear this every winter! The second Katy Perry perfume is Royal Revolution, this is the one in the light blue bottle! This has a very fresh, woody, floral scent to it! I really like fresh floral scents! If you're not into that these perfumes probably aren't for you! Royal Revolution reminds me of Christmas in 2014! We went to Philip Island and I wore this the whole time! 

Fame by Lady Gaga! This is definitely more of a night time scent! I don't have one specific memory tide to this perfume though it does remind me of many nights out for dinner and good times! This has a very honey scent to it! Also fruity and sweet! It's a lovely perfume! 

The Britney Spears perfume is in the dark purple/blue bottle! Its a lovely deep fruity scent! I don't usually wear this during the day as I like something a bit more sweet and floral during the day but its a perfect night time perfume!! 

I have Taylor Swift Wonderstruck in the purple roller ball and Wonderstruck Enchanted in the red roller ball! These are both very fruity and fresh! Both have a vanilla scent to them! These are great for traveling and taking in your handbag as they are pretty small and are roller balls so less easy to spill! 

Lastly I have my beloved Vera Wang perfume in Princess! This is in the back right! Pretty easy to see as it says Vera Wang Princess on the front! Its a lovely fresh floral, fruity scent! This is my everyday perfume! I received this for Christmas in 2015 and have been wearing it ever since!! I don't usually repurchase perfumes but when this one runs out I am really considering repurchasing it!! 

My Perfume Wish List!
1. Juicy Couture, Viva la Juicy
2. Marc Jacobs, Daisy Dream
3. Chanel, Chance Eau Tendre
4. Vera Wang, Lovestruck Floral Rush

What is your favourite perfume? 
What's on your perfume wish list? 
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