Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Coral Colours Mascara

Recently I tried out this Coral Colours Lavish Lash Argan Oil Mascara. The colour is very black and the mascara wand is a small, thin plastic wand. It is very easy to use and is amazing for your lower lashes. This mascara claims to lengthen and condition your lashes while giving you long, luxurious lashes.

I really love the packaging of this mascara it is very pretty. It has a lovely weight and feels like a luxury product however this is only $9.95. Though the brush is thin and small there are lots of thick bristles that help to coat every lash!

When I first applied this mascara I really didn't enjoy it. I do find that I am not a fan of brand new mascaras as they seem to be very clump. I usually give mascaras a fair few goes before I make up my mind about them! The second time I used this I liked it a little more, though it still was not amazing me. I really wanted this mascara to be amazing as the price point is excellent, the packaging is stunning and the wand works amazing for lower lashes!

I have now tried this mascara a few times and I don't mind it. I will continue to use it however I will not be repurchasing it. There are so many amazing mascaras that are available! I very rarely repurchase a mascara, I am always up to try a different one.

The one good thing about this mascara is how easily it applies to the lower lashes. I never wear mascara on my lower lashes as it is so hard to apply. I feel like I don't really have any lower lashes so when I apply mascara it just gets everywhere and makes a huge black mess under my eyes! This mascara doesn't do that. It makes my lower lashes long and doesn't get all over my face as I try to achieve that.

I believe this is only available on the Coral Colours website. It is a very cheap mascara and really does a good job for the price. Coral Colours does ship worldwide. However, shipping can get very expensive. Especially if you only want to purchase one mascara.

I think I have said mascara a hundred times now! I am going to leave it at that! I hope you enjoyed this post and my thoughts about this product were put across. My words my have been a bit jumbled as I am writing this very late at night. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed this post and is having a great day!

Have you heard of this brand?
What is your favourite mascara?

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