Sunday, April 24, 2016

No Makeup Makeup!

Wearing a lot of makeup everyday can get annoying and frustrating. My no makeup makeup look is very quick and simple. I use 4 products.

1: Under eye concealer! This instantly makes you look more awake and put together.
2: Eyebrow mascara. This is extremely quick to apply and doesn't make your eyebrows look to draw on and makeupy. 
3: Mascara!! If you want to look naturally glamorous a nice lengthening black mascara will do the trick but on a more regular basis I use a brown mascara as it gives a more natural subtle look to the eyes. 
4: Concealer. I use a concealer as I have acne prone skin and I like to cover that up. You can still see my skin under the concealer so it doesn't cover everything but thats what natural looks like :) not everyone has perfect skin.

If you are wearing this makeup and you are not aloud to be wearing makeup or trying not to get caught, some schools don't allow makeup. Then you should change the eyebrow mascara to a clear color not a tinted one as its more subtle. And if mascara is a worry or gets pick up on easily then I suggest just using an eyelash curler, it will add some lift to you eyelashes and make them look longer. 

If you have good skin concealer may not be necessary, especially if you are young. If you have a lot of acne and would like more coverage a bb cream or light foundation will work wonders! 

Do you have any secret makeup tips? 
Are you aloud to wear makeup at school? 

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